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​5 reasons why you need a printer

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With technological advancement, the mobile and wireless lifestyles continue to improve. There was a time when homes had miles of wire connecting a variety of devices, including printers andcomputers. And printers have never had a good reputation. Big office printers get paper jams and home printers have a reputation running out of ink after just a few printing projects.

But just as the printer sector became nearly obsolete for homes, drastic changes in technology were made for printers and the reasons we use them. Yes, you may still use them to simply print a report for school, but with the power to print detailed graphics and photos that today's printers have, and the improvements to cloud and wireless printing, there are now more reasons than ever to have a printer in your home.

Printing Photos
With the enhancement of photo and video cameras, especially on mobile devices, you can now capture every moment and nearly every second of every important aspect of your life. You are no longer limited to the number of memories you can capture, so why should you be limited in how you save those memories?Wireless all-in-one inkjet printershave the power and capability to print clear, crisp photos that exhibit amazing color and contrast. These multifunction printers excel in printing photos up to 8 x 10 inches, and 4 x 6 photos look just as good as if you had them developed at the local drugstore.

Mobile Access
Mobile phones and tablets are in every corner of our lives. You see them at business meetings, you use them on the couch while watching TV and even when you travel. Because they are such a big part of everyday life, manufacturers of wireless inkjet printers are now making their printers compatible with mobile devices. You can print directly from your mobile phone or tablet by connecting wirelessly or via Bluetooth. You can print photos, spreadsheets and documents directly from your handheld device.

Working from Home & Business in the Cloud
Many businesses are now asking their employees to work from home. Initially, sending information such as documents, spreadsheets and presentations was limited to email. Then, you could open the file and print it from your computer. Now, Google and many printer manufacturers have paired to make it extremely easy to print your work files. Many wireless printers are now Google Cloud ready, and you can use the intuitive touchscreen to navigate through the menus and print anything you need when you work from home.

Boarding Passes
Whether you travel a lot for work or just like to take vacations, checking in at the airport requires you to show up hours before your flight actually leaves to wait in line. While many airlines accept boarding passes on your mobile phone, some still require good old paper printouts. If you have a printer, you won't have to wait in the long lines, especially during those holiday rushes. Just print your boarding pass at home and go directly through security.

Shipping Labels
In my line of work, testing and researching products, many of the items I review need to be returned to the manufacturer. Printing a shipping label directly from my printer is easier than carrying the huge box into the store. Plus, places like UPS and FedEx let you schedule pickups as long as you already have the shipping label printed and on the package. Hopefully, you never find yourself in the ironic situation of needing to print a label to return a broken printer.

Looking at the direction wireless printing technology is heading, I don't know where we will be in even 10 years. There are still reasons to own a printer, especially if you do business from home or are a photographer and love taking pictures with your mobile phone. So don't throw away your printer just yet, unless you are looking to upgrade to something that can handle more intense tasks.


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