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Large Format Printers

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Many printing projects require much more than your typical 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper. Large photos, graphic projects, maps, architectural plans and more require much larger printing equipment. Large format printers are professional pieces of printing equipment that can handle large, time-intensive projects. These wide format prunters can print hundreds of square feet in less than an hour; they use specialized ink to create a crisp image and can print on a variety of media types including adhesives, fabric, film, banners and more. large format printers are ideal for businesses that produce signs, banners, photos and other types of graphics on a consistent basis. They feature roll technology, which allows you to use rolls of material in your printer to increase the width and the length of your products. Several of the best wide format printers can print up to 64 inches wide, giving you plenty of options for creating large, beautiful images.

For more information, browse our large format inkjets above or call our sales rep at 02 8372 000 for more information.

Refurbished wide format printers: If you currently have older or outdated wide format printer and would like to upgrade at a lower cost than new please CALL NOW at 02 8372 000 or log on to to get a quote and for more information.


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